About us
At CablingIT we pride ourselves on listening to our customers to establish what they want from their website. Our websites start off with a blank screen and we develop a website that show cases your business. We don't use templates so our customers can let their imagination run wild and we'll design and implement the site. We can create custom images and company logos and we'll assist with all aspects of the Internet, email and marketing.
Services we provide
Web Site Optimisation
If we are designing a web site for you then this will be built into the pages automatically but if you have a web site already we can still help with getting you higher up the list with the search engines. There are many tricks that you can employ. We find that taking each web site individually is far better than quoting one figure. You would need to contact us and we'll price each request separately. Search Engine Optimisation guarantees. Always struggled with this concept. Take 100 business in the same industry and they all sign up to expensive "guarantees" that say "we can get you in the top ten" - What about the other 90 that were also promised it? Which ever way you look at it you can only ever have 10 in a top 10. Yes there are ways to help get you higher up the lists and you don't have to pay a fortune to do it.
Ecommerce, or the ability to sell you product over the internet. With high street sales falling last year the internet saw a 17% increase in sales over the web. Time to join in? We can help you every step of the way. We can supply ecommerce shops for under £500 - The main objections that I've heard is the cost that people have been quoted for the shop software itself but also the ongoing costs after the site has been put live. Shops that constantly need to be maintained afterwards. You run your business but have very little interest or knowledge of the internet and software that some "techy bloke suggested". That's not how we work; We "techy blokes" will configure the shop based on the knowledge that "we've done it before so we know how to" and by the time the shop goes live you will have been trained to the point where you will be confident to maintain the products on your own shop, and if you can maintain it yourself then you don't have to continually pay the "techy bloke" to do it for you. There are many different versions of shop software available so we'll suggest and supply the one that suits your business best.
Bespoke Websites
Whether you are a club, a school or a business we can design a website to suit your needs. You know your organisation and how it works so why let somebody else design your website or just use somebody else's template. We will talk to you about what you want and how you want your web site to look and then we'll take over with the technology. Web Sites need to be simply to find and simple to use. You want customers to find you, get in, find the information they want and then get out again. Overly complicated web sites only cause the viewer to get confused and annoyed and then they leave. You want viewers to stay and find what they are looking for. When they've found it then they can leave. The chances are they will come back, and that's what you want them to do. After all it is your web site..